Christian Ramos, MPH
Director, Delos Labs


Christian has always had an interest in human health and its many aspects. After earning a B.A. in Integrative Biology from the University of California Berkeley he joined the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology at the University of California San Francisco; there he helped develop, streamline and conduct cutting edge genetic research to study the determinants of cancer. Christian attended graduate school at Yale University and received a Masters of Public Health with a focus on Environmental Health Sciences and Regulatory Affairs. While a student at Yale he was involved in a variety of projects exploring various dimensions of health, both human and environmental. He helped coordinate the annual Yale Healthcare Conference, started an independent project that made use of the arduino and raspberry pi platforms to capture environmental metrics, worked on a multidisciplinary project to use culturally appropriate technologies in the developing world, and interned at the American Legacy Foundation in Washington D.C. to work on anti-tobacco policy. Following completion of his graduate degree, Christian managed several Clinical Trials at the Yale School of Medicine and was directly responsible for coordinating patient care and overseeing the regulatory requirements of trials. He also served on Yale’s Institutional Review Board.

He continues to work on projects that make use of technology to explore the connection between the environment and human health, through the use of the programmable microcontrollers and the development of mobile applications. At Delos Labs he will contribute his knowledge and experience to help develop and validate novel approaches to improving the comfort and health of occupants in the built environment.