Chuan He, PhD
Director, Delos Labs


Chuan is an expert in the areas of indoor air quality (IAQ), air cleaning technology and building energy & environment system. His research ranges from micro-scale porous building media to full-scale building environment. At Delos, he works on the research relevant to indoor air quality measurement, development of standard testing protocol and product evaluation. His goal is to develop a methodology to improve IAQ via integrating new technologies and investigate how these applications impact the health, well-being and wellness of building occupants.

Before joining Delos, Chuan was a researcher in Building Energy and Environmental Systems Lab (BEESL) in the Center of Excellence (COE), Syracuse. His previous work involved studying heat, air moisture and pollutant transfer in building systems, thermal comfort and enclosure systems. Chuan’s Ph.D. work includes developing model-based approaches to evaluate the performance of building materials, sorbent media, existing devices and new technologies for improving IAQ.

Chuan graduated from Syracuse University with Ph.D. degree and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Chuan studied Safety Engineering (Fire protection) at the University of Science and Technology of China.