Jie Zhao, PhD
Vice President, Delos Labs


Jay is a passionate researcher and consultant on human wellbeing and environmental sustainability in buildings. As a Director (Buildings Research Scientist) at Delos Labs, his work focuses on quantifying and improving indoor thermal and visual environment with integrated design and smart technologies. Jay also works with other Delos divisions as an internal consultant.

Prior joining Delos, Jay worked a Senior Building Science Engineer in a building controls manufacturer. He designed application research projects to evaluate building controls’ human benefits, such as preventing glare, increasing daylight availability, and improving views.

Jay also worked at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture as a graduate researcher and adjunct instructor. For his PhD dissertation, he developed a smart control system that can optimize HVAC energy consumption and occupant thermal comfort based on forecasted weather and occupancy information. He published 20+ scientific articles and spoke at 10+ international and national conferences. He also taught two courses – Building Physics and Building Controls and Diagnostics – for three years.

Jay received his PhD in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon and received Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai, China.