Mengna (Mona) Li
Senior Analyst, Delos Asia


Mengna (Mona) Li is a critical thinker and high performer capable of digesting technical data and delivering business opinions with great insights. At Delos, she focuses on project management and business development across multiple channels in China and throughout Asia. Prior to joining Delos, Mona’s experience was in environmental sustainability, including specific expertise in waste to energy, renewable energy technologies and policies, corporate social responsibility, sustainability index, pollution control and strategies, and environmental finance. Before joining Delos, Mona was a business analyst intern at Mereo 4, where she focused on business development across multiple projects.

Mona is certified LEED Green Associate who holds a M.S. Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Illinois Institute of Technology and B.S. Degree in Environmental Science with Biology focus from Heidelberg University.