Regina Vaicekonyte
Director, Delos Labs


Regina Vaicekonyte brings nutrition, scientific research, and natural sciences experience to further the research on human health and the built environment at Delos Labs and the Well Living Lab. She also provides scientific expertise and validation of products and programs to all divisions of the company.

Previously a Research Analyst at the International Well Building Institute, Regina holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Columbia University, where she conducted research on prenatal nutrition and the impact of obesity on maternal and fetal health. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked on a nationwide study on the genetics of alcoholism at the Research Foundation for SUNY, assessing the differences in information processing between individuals with and without a history of alcoholism.

A Lithuanian native, Regina earned her Bachelors Degree in Biology at Bard College as a Distinguished Scientist Scholar, focusing extensively on the ecology of infectious disease. For three of her undergraduate years, she led a research project on the potential of using an invasive plant species as a biofuel. The results of several of her research studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.