Delos Signature

The Delos Signature team oversees the Stay Well and Signature Wellness by Delos programs. This includes providing support services to some of the largest and most-respected hospitality brands and residential developers in the world. Their wide ranging expertise in the real estate and health and wellness industries delivers a strong approach to implementing wellness amenities and programming in hotels and multifamily residences globally.

Alfredo Carvajal

President, Delos Signature

Jaloyn R. Fockler

Senior Vice President, Delos Signature

Bruce Goodman

Senior Vice President, Innovation & Design, Delos Signature

Severin Carlson

Senior Director, Delos Signature

Kendra Kobler

Associate, Delos Signature

Christopher Calby

Associate, Delos Signature

Kelly Drewry

Senior Associate, Delos Signature, AIA