Home buyers want Healthy Homes
Mounting evidence suggests that homebuyers are increasingly aware that their homes impact their health and that the spaces that they are living in may actually be harming them.

And The Demand is Only Just Beginning


believe household plays a key role in their health & well-being


believe that their homes are hurting their health & well-being


believe that the right housing could cut their medical costs by as much as 40%

Position yourself at the leading edge of the wellness technology trend

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Improved Customer Engagement

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Demonstrates your customers’ first approach

Delos pioneered the wellness real estate industry to bring wellness solutions to the places where we live, work, & play.

  • DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence is the final frontier. It’s all about living well in today’s home environments, carrying us from sustainability in buildings to the sustainability of the people who live in those buildings.

    Shaynna Blaze
    Shaynna Blaze Australia TV Personality, The Block
  • Delos has spent years collaborating with doctors and researchers to design strategies that are a curated offering, based on extensive medical evidence, that provide optimal conditions for health and well-being.

  • WELL fosters a holistic formula for better health and wellness outcomes, leading to improvements in things like employee productivity, engagement and retention.

    Randy Fiser
    Randy Fiser CEO, American Society of Interior Designers

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We spend up to 90% of our time indoors in an environment that is constantly changing which can have a negative impact on our health. With DARWIN™, the world’s first home wellness intelligence network, your customers’ families can rest assured that their homes are continually working to help enhance their health and well-being.

We are excited to bring our unique approach to solving the human condition.   To help fuel the Home Wellness Revolution, Delos is working with partners such as you to help enhance the well-being of people everywhere and to bring the benefits of DARWIN home.

We would love to hear from you to briefly introduce you to the wealth of wellness solutions that Delos has to offer.  In the meantime, please visit the rest of our website to learn more about how we can be of service to you.  Thank you for your time and we promise that a collaboration with Delos  means value creation for you and your clients.

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