“We are committed to helping Canada and Canadian businesses take a leadership position in creating healthy buildings and indoor environments that promote positive health and wellness outcomes for Canadians.”
Rapid Response Air Purification
Delos Advanced Air Purification promotes health & well-being
Delos COVID-19 Response
94% of Canadians say COVID-19 is far from over, 54% are afraid to return to the workplace and 82% trust their employer to maintain all necessary health and safety precautions.
– KPMG Canada Poll

Over 90% of Our Lives are Spent Indoors

Working with industry leading organizations and the public sector in Canada, we can achieve a higher standard of health and well-being for all Canadians.

Our goal is to help organizations, building owners and individuals implement evidence-based innovations and adopt researched and scientifically backed global standards designed to enhance the physical, mental and social well-being of people in the indoor environments in which they spend 90% of their time.

CBRE Vancouver Office, WELL Gold certified.

Industry Solutions

Find out how we can help you improve the health, well-being and safety of your employees, students, guests, patrons and family in your indoor environment.


School & Public Spaces

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Senior Living & Long-Term Care

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