Research-based innovations
to promote wellness intelligence


Delos is committed to enhancing health and well-being in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play through standards, programs and solutions designed to promote wellness, stress resilience, performance, restfulness and joy.

Delos was born out of a vision to push the notion of sustainability in real estate beyond environmental conditions — to focus on the human condition.


Recognizing a profound opportunity to install health and well-being solutions into our built environments, Delos initiated a groundbreaking dialogue between thought-leaders across the building sciences and health sciences. 

Through research-based innovations designed to enhance physical, mental and social well-being, Delos elevates health and well-being as central values in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play.


Living spaces can serve as powerful vehicles for improved well-being

Over thousands of years, our bodies have evolved in concert with the natural world: waking and resting in harmony with natural light cycles, drinking pure water and breathing fresh, clean air. Modern living has had a massive, increasingly negative impact on our overall well-being, with sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, pollution and nature-deprivation leading to increased health concerns, stress, social isolation, and loneliness.

Today, we spend around 90% of our lives indoors. Our efforts to maintain healthier lifestyles can be significantly undermined by subtle forces such as the quality of indoor air and water, as well as the quality of lighting. Indoor environments can influence almost every aspect of our lives — our moods, energy levels, how well we sleep and how productive we are throughout the day.

Science: The DNA of Delos


Our Scientific Approach

Scientific Research

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Understanding the fundamental impact of the indoor environments on health & well-being.

Scientific Evaluation

Identifying environmental and behavioral risk factors specific to the project.

Scientific Solutions

Providing solutions designed to improve health and well-being through design and technology.

The Evolution of Delos


Global Company with Local Presence


Join The Movement To Revolutionize Indoor Spaces for a Healthier World.