ASID Post-Occupancy Case Study


In May of 2016, the team at the American Society of Interior Designers moved into their headquarters in Washington D.C. The space was designed to meet rigorous health and sustainability standards, including WELL Certification at the Silver level. A test space for how design can influence human performance, ASID launched a comprehensive approach to pre- and post-occupancy research by incorporating the following interdisciplinary research projects that established design connections with organizational behavior, health, and other social sciences.

Through employee surveys collected before the move in April 2016 and post-occupancy in April 2017, the Delos Insights team provided a Pre-/Post-Certification Survey analysis report focused on occupant environmental satisfaction and health. Highlights from the report include:

  • Presenteeism (ranging from 0 to 100) improved, indicating that on average, employees feel they are working at 90 percent of their possible job performance, which is a 16 percent increase than what was reported in the co-working office.
  • The office plays a role in facilitating communication among employees (42 percent increase), and in supporting the sharing and exchanging of ideas (44 percent increase).
  • All ASID employees have knowledge on circadian lighting and its effects on their health and well-being, and 25 percent of employees attribute circadian lighting at the new office space for their enhanced sleep quality.

Read the full report here.