Build Well to Live Well


A new report from the Global Wellness Institute draws upon industry data to analyze the next frontier for the $3.7 trillion wellness industry – real estate and communities. Highlighting trends that drive the growing demand for this market and case studies from innovative practices and projects globally, the report provides an in depth look at the power of implementing health and wellness in our building design strategies.

Key findings include:

  • Genetics may account for just 10-15% of our health outcomes, while the rest is determined by external and environmental factors. Implementing health and wellness into our built environment can help address global health care concerns and rising costs.
  • The demand for healthy building design is global.
    • 60% of Chinese people are worried about indoor air quality, and 47% would pay more to have better air quality indoors.
    • 88% of Indian consumers are interested in wellness-infused residences, and 69% rate clean air and water and an overall healthy atmosphere as “very important” when searching for a home.
    • Consumers in Australian cities prefer homes in walking distance to a local park (45%), access to paved walking paths (50%), walking distance to public transport (70%), and walking distance to local services (64%)
  • Homebuyers are willing to pay more for spaces that can improve their health and wellness, including proximity to green spaces, walkability, healthy home features, and environmental sustainability features. There are currently only 740+ wellness home projects across the globe.
  • Trends to watch include harnessing future innovations to advance homes and community design through state-of-the-art and on-demand health and wellness technologies.

“I think this body of research is a game-changer, finally providing the definitions, examples, frameworks and rationale needed to both justify and attract investment in the development of wellness communities and lifestyle real estate,’ said Mia Kyricos, President of Kyricos & Associates LLC and Chair of GWI’s Wellness Communities Initiative, who also served as Research Advisor to the published report.

Read the full report here.


*Delos was a sponsor of this report.