Playbook for Sustainably Healthy Workplaces


A new playbook from Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. (SR Inc.) provides organizations with essential guidance and tools to help them make the business case for integrating health and well-being building features into their workplace. The Playbook for Sustainably Healthy Workplaces: Making the Business Case for Integrating Health & Wellness into Portfolio-wide Sustainability Strategies is organized around the five components shown below:

Sustainability Roundtable Infographic_0327181024_1

“The Playbook provides executives responsible for managing real estate portfolios with the information and tools necessary to demonstrate the benefits of healthy workplaces and to build the business case for corporate investment in more sustainable, healthy workplaces portfolio-wide,” notes Peter Crawley, Director of Research & Consulting at Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. “What makes this Playbook so unique and valuable is that it takes a management approach to implementation and presents actionable portfolio-wide strategies versus single asset strategies.”

“With the increased focus on well-being in building certifications and improved research techniques and technologies, we are at an unprecedented time to systematically implement and measure investments in healthy sustainable workplaces” adds Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, Senior Vice President leading Delos Insights. “This Playbook leverages these advances and offers companies guidance and tools to integrate health and wellness strategies into their portfolio-wide sustainability programs.”

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