The Delos Guide to Advanced Air Purification

Our indoor environments are foundational to our well-being, not only providing shelter, comfort and security, but also a space for learning, collaboration and socialization. As the Covid-19 pandemic requires us to spend more time indoors, ensuring that the air we breathe is clean and free of harmful pathogens and pollutants has become more important than ever – helping to protect us against the novel coronavirus, and promoting our overall health and well-being.
This white paper introduces Delos’ research-backed air purification solution – the Delos Powered by Healthway Air Purification (Delos Compact). Delos Compact units capture ultrafine particles and can reduce airborne particles that carry bacteria and viruses. Their plug-and-play design is suitable for any indoor space and situation, and provides a scalable, implementable and highly efficient solution. The paper also provides a detailed comparison between the Delos Compact units versus other air purification technologies that are available on the market today, such as mechanical filtration, sorbent media filtration, bipolar ionization and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.