Delos is a global wellness pioneer guided by the mission to serve as the world's leading catalyst for enhanced health and well-being in the environments where we live, work, sleep and play.
A Healthy Home is a Right not a Privilege
Introducing the World’s first Home Wellness Intelligence Platform
A Wellness Oasis in your Home-away-from-Home
Holistic solutions for an enhanced stay, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure
Meet the
WELL Building Standard
The leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally
Short, effective, restorative breaks designed to mitigate stress & enhance focus

Our Impact

3.4M People

and Growing*

Delos and its subsidiaries support the health, well-being and performance of people around the world through leading research and evidence-based standards, programs and solutions.

*Calculated based on square footage of registered WELL Certification projects assuming an average of 150 square feet per person


Over 90% Of Our Lives Are Spent Indoors

Indoor environments can influence almost every aspect of our lives, from our moods and energy levels to how well we sleep and how productive we are throughout the day. Modern life has had an increasingly negative impact on our overall well-being, with sedentary behavior, unhealthy diets, pollution and nature-deprivation leading to health complications, social isolation, loneliness and stress. By enhancing the quality of our indoor elements, we can transform our built environments into vehicles for health and well-being.

Wellness Ecosystems for Your Entire Day


DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence is the world’s first integrated technology network designed to promote health and well-being in the home.

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Buildings that can help enhance health, well-being, engagement and productivity by optimizing indoor environmental conditions and implementing better building policies.

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The Stay Well program keeps you energized and refreshed whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

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Science is our DNA

Through over 7 years of research and evidence-based innovations designed to enhance physical, mental and social well-being, Delos elevates health and well-being as central values in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play. We are committed to continuous investments in research that innovate and evolve our wellness intelligence network and help foster improved health outcomes in an increasingly conscious world.

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  • DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence is the final frontier. It’s all about living well in today’s home environments, carrying us from sustainability in buildings to the sustainability of the people who live in those buildings.

    Shaynna Blaze
    Shaynna Blaze Australia TV Personality, The Block
  • Delos has spent years collaborating with doctors and researchers to design strategies that are a curated offering, based on extensive medical evidence, that provide optimal conditions for health and well-being.

  • WELL fosters a holistic formula for better health and wellness outcomes, leading to improvements in things like employee productivity, engagement and retention.

    Randy Fiser
    Randy Fiser CEO, American Society of Interior Designers