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Green Building & Design: Holistic Healing

Green Building & Design, March/April 2016

What if there was a way to unobstrusively conduct experiments on human beings in real time for maximal accuracy. And what if the aforementioned behind-closed-doors laboratory was just in the next room over from the scientists at hand? The concept behind the Well Living Lab, a joint project between Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic and WELL Building Standard originators Delos, aims to answer those very questions – and a heap of others related to human health and wellness.

The idea was hatched in September of 2014, when it became clear that the two parties, who have a history of collaborative projects, shared an interest in exploring the relationship between the indoor environment and the natural human condition. Also based in Rochester, the Well Living Lab clinic has been design almost equipped with minotr technologies of the highest caliber. According to EPA studies, Americans spend an average of 93% of their lives indoors, and the aim of this project is to study human beings in the habitat intwhich they spend this significant plurality of their lives.

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