Today, Delos®, the Pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™, announced a partnership with Shangri-La Industries and Webcor Builders. Shangri-La, one of the nation’s most innovative real estate development firms, and Webcor Builders, an award-winning general contractor, will together form Delos’ California partnership to develop pioneering projects within California. The collective expertise will deliver the healthiest design, function and construction methods across residential real estate, hotels, and office buildings throughout California. Delos, Shangri-La Industries and Webcor Builders will work closely together on the WELL Building Standard™ – the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on enhancing people’s health and well-being in direct, evidence-based ways through the built environment. The Standard was first announced in September 2012 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. As key implementing partners, Shangri-La and Webcor Builders will help Delos to develop a series of projects that showcase the WELL Building Standard within iconic locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“We are thrilled that Shangri-La and Webcor have agreed to partner with Delos on our mission to deliver wellness through the built environment,” said Morad Fareed, Co-Founder of Delos. “As industry leaders, Shangri-La and Webcor are complementary and vital to our West Coast strategy, where we feel there are tremendous growth opportunities for Wellness Real Estate.”

Wellness Real Estate incorporates all that is beneficial for both the homeowner and the environment. Having spent the past four years collaborating with doctors and researchers at Columbia University Medical School and the renowned Cleveland Clinic, as well as with architects, engineers and contractors, Delos’ wellness designs aim to prevent the onset of disease and deteriorating health, restore and repair current ailments and elongate one’s life span through daily interactions with innovative healthy living features.

“Shangri-La and Webcor Builders have always been at the forefront of sustainable building,” saidKamyar Vaghar, Vice President of Shangri-La Industries. “We will continue to push the envelope in the way of sustainable building and designs with Delos. Together, we will drive the evolution of healthy living standards and actively enhance well-being in hotels, office spaces and private residences.”

“We are committed to introducing and implementing cutting edge construction designs,” said Jes Pedersen, CEO of Webcor Builders. “Delos’ innovative wellness designs and technologies will bring us a significant step forward in the construction of built environments that positively impact health and well-being and push the boundaries of quality, value and performance.”

About Delos LLC®:

A U.S.-based real estate developer, Delos® is the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™, which incorporates amenities that help sustain both the environment and enhance residents’ health and well-being. In 2012, Delos introduced the WELL Building Standard™ with President Clinton, the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on enhancing people’s health and well-being in direct, evidence-based ways through the built environment. Delos designs include an array of innovative, built-in amenities that research suggests will improve various aspects of individual occupant health including: cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep health, orthopedic health, weight and metabolism management, stress reduction, mood enhancement, cognition and memory enhancement, health literacy and health behavior motivation. More information on Delos is available awww.delos.com.

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