HAITI, May 17th, 2012 — A Haitian youth sports charity is forging plans to build a soccer stadium in the impoverished town of Cite Soleil in a deal brokered through the Clinton Global Initiative, says The New York Times.

The $5-million project is the brainchild of Boby Duval, founder of L’Athletique D’Haiti, a nonprofit education and sports program. Primary funding will come from New York real-estate firm Delos as part of a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, with additional support envisioned from corporations and private donors.

The planned Phoenix Stadium, to be built using rubble from the 2010 earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation, is part of a larger development set to include a youth soccer academy, schools, and infrastructure projects.

“This project will change people’s lives,” Mr. Duval said. “Sports is the universal language. The kids may be poor and barefoot, but when they walk on the field I guarantee you, you don’t know who’s rich. For an hour on the field, they are people who make a difference. This is not rocket science.”

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