PHOENIX – Delos, a Wellness Real Estate specialist, continued to expand its presence in the lodging industry as the company displayed its Stay Well concept to a gathering of hotel executives in a simulated room at last month’s Lodging Conference here.

The company held a special event during the conference and attracted a host of major brands, as well as owners and operators. The event took place on the heels of an announcement from the company that the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is expanding its Stay Well room count from 42 to 171 rooms and suites, which encompasses the entire 14th floor of the hotel’s main tower. In October 2012, the hotel introduced wellness rooms to its guests.

The MGM sees lots of potential for the concept, according to Scott Sibella, president and COO, MGM Grand. “The feedback we’ve received from our guests since launching Stay Well has been overwhelmingly positive. We continue to see a strong demand for this type of hotel experience and are eager to expand the program,” he said in a statement.

According to Delos, the hotel is able to command a rate premium of some 20% on the wellness rooms. “The success of Stay Well rooms exemplifies the large consumer demand and appetite for a healthier, wellness-oriented travel experience,” said founder Paul Scialla.

The in-room Stay-Well experience includes as many as 17 evidence-based health and wellness elements, including vitamin C shower infusion; Stay Well air purification system; water filtration system; and advanced room lighting. Other features include wake-up light therapy; cedar closets; aromatherapy; dedicated in-room menu; minibar amenities; and a dedicated Stay Well channel.

According to Scialla, the company has had ongoing discussions with a luxury brand for the implementation of wellness rooms. In addition, the company is preparing to launch the online Stay Well Store, which will offer consumers many of the products available in the Stay Well rooms.