Las Vegas is not exactly famous for its focus on a healthy lifestyle, but apparently MGM seeks to change that. The AAA Four Diamond luxury resort has just opened a new series of rooms named “Stay Well.”

The rooms are specifically designed by Delos to banish jetlag, germs, and water borne chemicals. You are probably wondering how a room can claim to do all of that. Well, with the latest in medical and health technology, that’s how.

The rooms are sleep and relaxation havens from the hubbub of the Vegas party scene. They each have a lighting system crafted to regulate melatonin levels, the chemical which gets confused when you switch time zones and causes jetlag.

To further get your Circadian Rhythm on track, the room provides sleep assistance with EMF protection. You probably didn’t even know you needed to be protected from those sleep disrupting electromagnetic fields. But the Stay Well room knew, and it will gallantly protect you all night with nothing but your snores to thank it.

After that deep EMF-free sleep, the room will gently wake you with a dawn simulation. After that docile awakening, you may need to be invigorated, and for that, there is vitamin C infused in the shower. Guests also have access to the Cleveland Clinic software, which will provide you with the knowledge needed to live a healthier life.

If that’s not enough, there’s also access to the Wellness Channel, and Dr. Deepak Chopra’s inspirational advice concerning food choices, physical activities, and so on. These rooms promise to make a healthy lifestyle so easy, that once you leave, you’ll probably gain a hundred pounds and become an insomniac.

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