Travelers to Las Vegas now can do more to protect their health and well-being than just skipping the smoke-filled casinos and gut-busting buffets.

On Monday, the MGM Grand and real estate developer Delos will open 42 Stay Well rooms and suitesin the hotel’s main tower with at least a dozen health-and-wellness amenities.

Among the rooms’ features are special lighting to help reverse jet lag and regulate melatonin levels, advanced air purification and water filtration systems, vitamin C-infused water for showers, healthful room-service options and access to wellness, stress and weight management software developed by the Cleveland Clinic that guests can use for up to 60 days after their stay.

Dr. Deepak Chopra will appear on the in-room-TV Stay Well channel, welcoming guests to the MGM Grand and introducing the rooms’ features.

Standard room rates at the MGM Grand begin at $75 a night; the Stay Well amenities add $30 to the cost of the room.

Info: MGM Grand, (800) 929-1111