By JoAnna Haugen

As part of its $160 million remodeling project, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has designated 42 hotel suites as Stay Well rooms.

These rooms offer a complete MGM Grand hotel experience while also incorporating more than a dozen features to help travelers maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

When guests seek out a Stay Well room, which comes at a $30 premium upgrade over prevailing rates on standard rooms, they are treated to 18 amenities and services that address health and wellness needs.

Creation of the rooms is in partnership with Delos, a U.S.-based real estate developer that trademarked “Wellness Real Estate,” which focused on amenities that enhance customers’ health and well-being, in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic and alternative-medicine advocate Deepak Chopra.

The MGM Grand “isn’t just a casino anymore,” said Mary-Ann Sena-Edelen, director of guest experiences at the resort. “We’ve watched this evolution in guest experiences happen over the years, and we’ve listened to our guests. We know what they want now, and this is it.”

To get a Las Vegas vacation started off right, one of the first areas of focus is jet lag. In the bathroom, guests encounter a short burst of light that helps suppress the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm, which is meant to help reset the natural wake-sleep cycle. A dawn simulator begins to lighten the room 30 minutes before a set time so that the body begins a natural transition out of sleep.

Lighting plays an especially important role in the design of the Stay Well rooms.

“Lighting can be the wrong color and throw off the whole body,” Sena-Edelen said. “So it has been adjusted to be a more natural color.”

Warm LED lighting throughout the room creates a soft light that not only looks better aesthetically but helps fight jet lag, as well. At night, low-wattage LED lamps help illuminate the room for easy navigation without disturbing natural sleep patterns.

All 42 rooms are located on the 14th floor of the MGM Grand, where no pets or smoking are allowed. The Stay Well rooms are cleaned using hypoallergenic products and ultraviolet sanitizing equipment so no chemicals enter the space, making the rooms both allergy- and asthma-friendly.

In addition, a nontoxic, antimicrobial coating is used throughout each room, which is meant to provide guests with extra protection from pollution, viruses and bacteria. An advanced air-purification system removes odors, and special filters clear the air of particles that could contain allergens and toxins. Electromagnetic field panels installed in certain areas of each suite are meant to block electrical currents that may prevent guests from sleeping soundly.

The Stay Well rooms are outfitted with hypoallergenic linens, which encourage deep, sound sleep. To encourage hydration, each suite is equipped with water filters that reduce potentially harmful byproducts. A vitamin C shower infuser helps reduce the smell of chlorine and hydrates skin that has been exposed to the city’s desert environment, and hypoallergenic hand and body soap are available in the bathrooms. In addition, guests can choose the oils used for in-room aromatherapy.

MGM Grand’s introduction of the Stay Well rooms are part of a larger renovation project, which included remodeling 4,212 total rooms and suites in the main tower.

Due to the unique nature of the Stay Well concept, guests staying in these rooms are welcome to access the property’s spa and fitness area just as other guests can, but there are also a few additional perks for those in the specialty suites.

A Stay Well in-room TV channel has content specifically designed for those interested in health and wellness, and in-room menus feature healthy meals created by nutritionists at the Cleveland Clinic. Daily fresh fruit and vegetable juices packed with vitamins and nutrients are available for room delivery. And to maintain the wellness habits fostered in the Stay Well rooms, guests can participate in an online, six-week wellness program focused on stress-free living, healthy eating or positive sleeping habits, at no additional cost.


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