LIVINGSTON, Miss. —A major company is investing in a Mississippi community to make it the first of its kind in the U.S.

“When we build things, they’re also healthy for the people inside them,” said Paul Scialla, of Delos Living.

The concept is called wellness living. Creators say they use special lights and sound, plus high-tech floors — and even specially filtered water — to make people feel healthier inside the four walls of any building.

Deepak Chopra and former President Bill Clinton are just two of the celebrity spokesmen for the style of building.

The Livingston community is Madison County said Tuesday that it will become the first Well-Certified community in the country.

“We want the town of Livingston to be where old South meets stainless steel,” said David Landrum, of the Livingston development team.

“You have electrical currents running through every building. We can block those. We can address flooring, particularly in a place of high traffic retail, for instance. You know, posture-supportive elements,” Scialla said.

Former WWE wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr. and former ABC reality star Nick Coughlin helped bring the project to Mississippi.

“When we saw what Delos was doing and the impact they’ve had in other places, and the response they’ve had from that, (we asked) why not Mississippi?” said Coughlin, who appeared on “Expedition Impossible.”

Well-Certified rooms can already be found in select hotel rooms at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

“It’s a holistic view and a new take on the experience of a hotel room,” DiBiase said.

The well living architecture is also used at the Akron, Ohio Children’s Hospital, in some condominiums in New York City and in office space in Los Angeles. But the company said Livingston is its first attempt at an entire community.

“Across air, light, water, acoustics, that are working on the health and well-being of the occupants,” Scialla said.

“We’ve been doing the marketing for the last three years here at the Livingston Farmers Market, and now we are ready to develop the town,” said Livingston marketing director Sarah Lofton.

Phase one is already underway and is set to open in May.


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