Aurelie (Lili) N’Songo, PhD
Director, Science Communications


Lili is a science communication specialist. At Delos, she ensures that scientific information is accurately conveyed across all departments, as well as in all communication materials Delos provides to its clients and partners. She also helps develop educational material explaining the scientific concepts behind the company’s mission to various audiences. Within Labs, she participates in the design of research projects aimed at understanding the influence of the built environment on human health and well-being.

As a science communicator, Lili specializes in the translation of complex scientific concepts into approachable but accurate language, understandable to all. Prior to joining Delos, she acquired experience in the domains of science writing and scientific communications at the Mayo Clinic Discovery’s Edge magazine. Her areas of scientific expertise include cell biology, neuroscience, neurodegenerative diseases, and genetics, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

She holds a Doctorate of Neuroscience from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and a Bachelor of Genetics from the University of Paris – Diderot. She has published four peer-reviewed studies and presented her work at over five academic conferences.