Linhao Li, LEED AP
Research Analyst, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab


Linhao is a building scientist whose primary role is supporting the design and execution of research studies. His contributions enhance our understanding of the interactions between building environments and human health, wellness, and performance. Additionally, he assists in the maintenance and performance of sensors and the Lab’s mechanical infrastructure.

Linhao is proficient in a variety of computational simulation tools, such as EnergyPlus with Energy Management System (EMS) and Grasshopper with Honeybee. His expertise in using technical tools and methodologies contributes to a better understanding of building performance in terms of energy and lighting variables. He is also extensively experienced in using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and various machine learning algorithms in the setting of thermal comfort studies, as well as in the optimization of HVAC system design and controls.

Linhao received his Master of Architecture from the Building Performance and Diagnostics program at Carnegie Mellon University. He holds his Bachelor’s degree in Built Environment and Facilities Engineering from Tongji University in China.