Maeve Wang
Vice President, Delos Ventures


Maeve brings business strategy experience to drive Delos Ventures’ development and execution of strategic acquisitions, equity investments, divestures, partnerships and broader initiatives.

Prior to joining Delos, Maeve was a management consultant at Bain & Company where she worked across real estate, technology, financial services and retail. Her experience spans across negotiations strategy, digital engagement, customer segmentation, performance improvement and due diligence client development. Prior to Bain, Maeve worked in asset management, foreign service, and consulting for aerospace & defense.

Maeve graduated from Harvard University, where she received a degree in Government and minored in Economics. While at Harvard, Maeve focused on curriculum development in third sector studies, building philanthropic initiatives and exchange programs between Harvard University and universities across Asia. After graduation and prior to starting at Bain, Maeve studied Vietnamese and conducted research across Southeast Asia.