Olivia Matticoli, WELL AP
Senior Analyst, Delos Solutions


Olivia is passionate about delivering the mission of human sustainability. In her role at Delos, Olivia has garnered experience integrating health and wellness strategies in a variety of building types and scales, from commercial office interiors and multi-family residential towers to wellness planning for community developments. She enjoys working with members of project teams to find innovative, wellness solutions that celebrate the unique identities of each project. Olivia is also the Community Chair for Delos’ internal Workplace Wellness Committee, where she has the opportunity to organize events focused on building company culture and social connectedness.

Prior to contributing to the Delos Solutions team full-time, Olivia acted as an intern for Delos Solutions where her primary responsibility was vetting finishes, furnishings, and building materials to meet material requirements of WELL Platinum, LEED Platinum, and Living Building Challenge Petal Certification.

Olivia is a graduate of Cornell University and holds Bachelor of Science degree in Design and Environmental Analysis with concentrations in Health and Wellbeing and Design Strategy. During her time at Cornell, Olivia was an active leader and founding member of Cornell University for Healthy Futures – a student organization, in conjunction with the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, that is bridging the gap between hospitality, health, and design.