Rongpeng Zhang, PHD
Senior Director, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab

Headshot_Rongpeng Zhang

Rongpeng is a building research scientist at the Well Living Lab in Rochester, MN, where he conducts simulations and experimental studies. He collaborates with scientists from diverse research backgrounds to conduct multi-disciplinary, human-centered research designed to understand the interactions between indoor environments and occupant behavior, health, and wellness. Additionally, he operates the building energy system of the Well Living Lab.

His primary research focus is on building performance modeling, simulation and optimization, energy prediction and management for building systems, and advanced HVAC system control. Prior to joining Delos, he participated in the development of EnergyPlus, a building simulation engine supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE), and considered the “flagship” in the building simulation field for its ability to model and simulate building energy systems with complex configurations

Rongpeng received his Doctorate in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon University. He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Built Environment and Facilities Engineering at Tongji University in China. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers and served as a reviewer for seven academic journals.