Shaun Ly
Research Analyst, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab


At the Well Living Lab, Shaun’s primary role is in supporting the maintenance, performance and optimization of the mechanical infrastructure and data collection capabilities of the facility. He participates in the development of methodologies and procedures that will further directed research initiatives. Shaun also assists in the collection of data measuring the performance of sensors and building control systems.

Shaun specializes in product development, particularly hardware design. He has extensive experience in the domain of sensor development. Shaun’s areas of expertise also include power analysis and sustainable energy.

He received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in power and sustainable energy from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities; where he investigated renewable energy implementation methods. Notably, Shaun participated in the implementation of Luminescent Solar Concentrators – an emerging technology, as a way of educating students and faculty in cost-effective energy.