Victoria Okonek, WELL AP


Victoria is currently serving as the Vice President of Executive Support at Delos and the Chair of Workplace Wellness. She brings innovative ideas and strategies to the table, offering a rare combination of Investor Relations expertise and administrative experience. Launching her career as the “right-hand” to a CEO straight out of college over a decade ago, Victoria has a wide breadth of abilities including administrative management, social media content, editing, Investor Relations, wellness minded growth for employee well-being and writing.

Prior to joining Delos, Victoria was Founder Support and an Investor Relations officer to the CEO of ALOHA – her first foray into the wellness space. Earlier in her career, she worked as an Executive Assistant for a small group of C-level executives within a lucrative Fortune 500, contributing directly to the success of all day-to-day business operations. In joining Delos, Victoria knows that she has found the perfect combination of loving what you do while helping others lead more fulfilling and healthy lives.

Victoria holds multiple (BA/BS) degrees from Rutgers University. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Victoria studied Journalism, Paralegal Studies, and Liberal Arts with a concentration in Humanities. Victoria is a certified paralegal by the American Bar Association. She currently resides in Staten Island with her husband.