Xue Ya


Xue Ya, a well-recognized business leader promoting collaborations between China and the United States, is a leading voice for sustainability in human health through built environments in Asia. Representing the New York-based wellness real estate and technology company Delos, Xue Ya directs all its Asia-based operations, and actively works with premier partners to transform residential and commercial spaces into healthier environments to help people improve their well-being and performance.

As a seasoned executive, Xue Ya has extensive experience in real estate development, sustainability, international investment, China-US business and cultural exchange, and government relations. Her entrepreneurship and visionary leadership have led multiple businesses to succeed internationally.

With her sought-after experience, Xue Ya has been invited to serve as a board member for business, cultural, educational and public interest groups including the Partnership for New York City, the Asia Society, and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Xue Ya lives in the New York City area but travels regularly around the world to help build a global community for healthy living.