Delos™ China Kicks off Forum for International Dialogues to Promote Healthy Living Environments

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(Beijing – November 5, 2018) Delos China today kicked off its inaugural symposium for dialogues among international stakeholders of the Wellness Real EstateTM industry, fostering meaningful, Asia-focused collaborations for researchers, industry representatives and best practice solution providers.

A groundbreaking  conference of this nature in Asia, the 2018 International Well Living Symposium, convened in Beijing, attracting internationally established scholars, researchers and industry experts to put forward a set of holistic agenda on how to work together to build healthier environments where people spent 90% of their time to live, work, learn and entertain. The Symposium took place in preparation for the anticipated grand opening of the Well Living Lab (China), a research arm of Delos China.

“Research is at the core of what Delos does, and the Well Living Lab is at the core of our research,” said Rich Macary, Chief Strategist Officer of Delos. “For the Well Living Lab to work and to have an impact, it requires collaborations with not only the academics and research, but also with the commercial side, so we want to be able to translate everything we do at the Lab into the market place to have an impact on people’s health and well-being.”

“Advancing the healthy  living industry involves a chain of collaborative efforts,” said Xue Ya, President of Delos Asia. “Centering upon scientific research and technology, Delos China builds an eco-system for the healthy living industry, combining research and best practice to enhance people’s well-being and help people thrive.”

Leading researchers and industry advocates from across greater China area, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Denmark, and the United States attended the events, representing expertise and leadership voices spanning from building sciences, health sciences to behavioral sciences.

Key highlights of the Symposium include:

  • Green technologies are enabling buildings and cities to be more responsive to the environment, but the focus is starting to shift towards human health and well-being;
  • Big data and wellness intelligence are more and more being deployed to measure key metrics of urban population’s well-being;
  • New approaches need to be developed to build healthier university campus communities at better economic and environmental costs;
  • It’s important to strike balance on pathways to achieving healthy environments for all humanity – the balance among various goals of our buildings, the balance between research and application, between short-term gain and long term benefits; and the balance among various aspects of a research so that interdisciplinary sciences work together to enhance occupants’ health and wellbeing;
  • Similar to green industry’s market trend in the past, the growth of the healthy living industry in major markets will open doors for technological applications and best practice in smaller countries and markets, eventually mobilizing a global trend.

“As the Wellness Real Estate industry begins to boom, relevant research and technology play a critical role in bringing together the various parts of the industry chain,” said Hong Wang, Senior Vice President of Delos China. “Well Living Lab (China) answers a call to thread through the ‘discovery, translation and application’ sequence required of any research. Such an approach will enable the broader healthy living sector.”

Among the scholars, experts and thought leaders at the Symposium were:

Peng Gong of Tsinghua University; Khee-Poh Lam of National University of Singapore;

Kyung Hoi Lee of Korea Research Institute of Eco-Environmental Architecture; Joon Hoon Lee of Yonsei University;  Xiaofeng Li of Tsinghua University; Gang Liu of Tianjin University; Yifan Lu of Beijing Sports University; Renying Zou of PMO International Group; Tasuku Oshima of PMO International Group; Win-Kuang Shen of Mayo Clinic; Dahua Wang of Beijing Normal University; Haishan Wang of China Construction Association Certification Center; Lei Wang of Peking University; Hui Xiao of Tongji University.


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