Delos Collaborates with House X to Provide Advanced Air Purification at Zero Cost to Homebuyers

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Homebuyers will receive a Delos powered by Healthway multi-room advanced air purification system for their new home upon move-in.

[New York, New York – January 28, 2021] — Delos, a wellness real estate and technology company, announced today its collaboration with House X, a consumer-focused Smart Home Marketplace, to provide advanced air purification at no additional cost to homebuyers. The collaboration is part of House X’s American Dream 2021 project designed to expand home ownership, which will launch in 21 pilot cities across the U.S.

The concentration of many pollutants indoors exceed those outdoors, with both short and long term health impacts. Delos’ advanced air purification system helps remediate air quality and pathogens, pollutant particles, expel odors and remove allergens. In response to the current pandemic, air purification systems have been considered by many to be a critical supplementary approach to reducing virus transmission rates by removing airborne pollutants and contaminants.  Delos’ advanced air purification system is capable of capturing ultrafine particles and can reduce particles that carry airborne bacteria and viruses.

“From more than eight years of experience and extensive research, we know that our indoor environments can play a significant role in safeguarding our health and well-being,” said Delos CEO and Founder Paul Scialla. “We are proud to collaborate with House X to make our science-backed solutions even more accessible to people across the country.”

In addition to Delos’ advanced air purification system, House X is partnering with other providers to provide homebuyers with access to new home inventory for quick move-in, free renewable energy and a “smart mortgage” discounted one percent for the first 12 months of a qualifying 15- or 30-year fixed mortgage. Available to consumers through a virtual home buying event, House X aims to expand home ownership by educating consumers on the advantages of smart, healthier, sustainable homes that are more efficient, have a lower carbon footprint and less expensive to own, operate, protect and maintain – lowering total cost of ownership.

“Delos is the world’s leading wellness real estate platform. House X is pleased to partner with Delos to help make homes healthier by including Delos next generation air filtration systems with every home purchase,” said Will Farrell, President of House X World.

About Delos

Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company guided by the mission to be the world’s leading catalyst for improving the health and well-being of people around the world by improving the indoor environments where they live, work, sleep and play. Informed by more than seven years of research and rigorous analysis of environmental health impacts on people, Delos and its subsidiaries offer an array of evidence-based technology and solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. Delos is the founder of the WELL Building Standard™, the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness. Its subsidiary, the International WELL Building Institute, administers and continues WELL’s development and drives market adoption. Delos’ advisory board is comprised of leading professionals across real estate, government policy, medicine and sustainability.  For more information about Delos, please visit