Delos China and GIGA Collaborate to Develop Healthy Product Database Online Library Aims to Bridge Healthy Building Practice with Access to Curated Source of Materials, Products and Equipment

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(Beijing – October 24, 2018) Delos and its China affiliate announced today the launching of the beta site for its Sourced by Delos program in collaboration with GIGA’s global sustainability product data hub Origin.

Sourced by Delos program will provide a healthy building industry with online access to thousands of products and materials sourced through global product banks for the sole goal of supporting the creation of healthy indoor spaces.

The database by Delos is a site providing access to healthy building products and materials that are vetted against a set of rigorous product selection criteria and various healthy building standards, presenting information on the best-in-class products available in the market based on local protocols and industry practice. Evidence-based research teams of Delos, in both the United States and in China, have reviewed the products on the database through a set of product review mechanism proprietary to Delos. The beta site is taking in participation from qualifying manufacturers on a by-request basis.

Sourced by Delos is powered by Origin (formerly known as GIGAbase), a Material Data Hub with over 130,000 data points, which connects supplier data with sustainability certifications and performance data from the world’s most reputable reporting bodies into a single hub, creating a neutral, unbiased and transparent data set for the real-estate industry.

The Delos database will showcase knowledge curated from third-party research, case studies, etc., added to healthy products screened from the Origin datahub. Origin’s certification data is derived directly from the source of reputable certification reporting agencies. New International certifications are integrated quarterly. The list of current integrated certification data includes but is not limited to Berkeley Analytical, CRI, C2C, Global GreenTag, GreenCircle Certified, HPD Collaborative, ILFI, Intertek, SCS Global Services, TUV Rheinland, Vertima, Watersense and Energy Star.

This technology partnership enables global manufacturers on Origin to share qualified connected materials with the Delos library of products and materials with minimal effort. Sourced by Delos aims to be the first public-facing database in the China market focusing on sourcing healthy products and healthy building materials. At the beta stage, there are 12 categories of health products and materials in the current phase: flooring, paints and coatings, wall and ceiling, furniture and furnishings, doors and windows, adhesives and sealants, air purification, water purification, lighting, sleeping, sensors and cleaning.

“Sourcing healthy products and materials have been a challenge for decades.” Says Paul Scialla, Founder and CEO of Delos. “Problems with transparency, document authenticity and quality control of those products and materials undermine the ability to build and operate healthier projects, compromising the health of millions of individuals.”

“There is also a very large gap in education,” says Xue Ya, President of Delos Asia “Most individuals don’t know how to evaluate whether or not a product supports a healthy lifestyle. A key goal of Sourced by Delos program is also to serve as an evolving education platform, fostering open dialogue around the topic and sharing best practice experience.”

Sourced by Delos helps users find and understand materials and products by clearly and simply clustering them into key categories where industry professionals seek reliably healthier products. Beyond the ability to find healthier materials and products, the database provides full transparency on the sources of data, disclosing information from suppliers and reporting bodies, certifications, declarations and test reports, as well as expiration dates on supporting documents.

Moving forward, Sourced by Delos program will also provide educational information on the impact of each product category.

“Transparency is key to establishing trust, as well as empowering users to make informed decisions,” says Raefer Wallis, CEO of GIGA. “Leveraging the ORIGIN infrastructure to power the Sourced by Delos program is a core part of our mission; working with partners that contribute positively towards creating healthy environments.”

Sourced by Delos houses a selection of over 1,000 best-in-class products and materials, available across China. The database will continue to add more readily available healthy products and materials in China as a solution support to wellness-oriented projects.

Suppliers seeking to participate can click here to request access.

About Delos China
Delos (China) is the China arm of Delos, a pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™. Delos is transforming our homes, offices, schools, and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design and construction decisions. Delos helps create spaces that actively contribute to human health, performance and wellness by marrying the best innovations in technology, health, science, and real estate. The Delos platform includes programming, design, consulting, research, and an array of innovative solutions and technologies designed to improve health and wellness. Delos formed the International WELL Building InstituteTM pbc (“IWBI”), which manages the WELL Building StandardTM and WELL Certification program, which is third party verified by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). Click here for more information on Delos.

GIGA is an independent third party that combines the development of building standards with cloud software. GIGA’s software tools, including Origin, provide access to transparent data to support performance-driven, regenerative buildings.

Origin is the world’s largest hub of building material data. It connects certification source data directly to building materials and products. As certifications are renewed or updated, material information automatically updates. This enables continual data updates while empowering transparent, reliable and relevant material data. As an independent and party-neutral platform, Origin ensures that users, partners and collaborators have access to the broadest diversity of unbiased product data. Click here to learn more on Giga and Origin.

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