New Healthy City Report Highlights the Power of Cities in Promoting a Healthier China

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The report was led by the Tsinghua-Lancet Commission

(New York, April 18, 2018) Today, Delos congratulates its research partner at Tsinghua University upon the publication of a Tsinghua-Lancet Commission on Healthy City in China. The first of its kind report was jointly announced in Beijing by Tsinghua University and the internationally renowned scientific publication, The Lancet. Delos published a summarized review of the Healthy City report on Chinese Scientific Bulletin.

The Report, “Healthy Cities – Unlocking the Power of Cities for a Healthy China”, resulted from 2 years of research led by Tsinghua University in collaboration with 45 top researchers that included the China National Health Board of Decease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization’s China Office, United Nations University International Institute for Global Health and the University of California in Berkeley.

“This report embodies collaborative efforts at the global level to promote healthy communities and healthy cities,” said Xue Ya, Delos Asia President at a roundtable attended by influential thought leaders in the field during the launch of the report.  “Delos is proud to be part of the global efforts to foster continuous research on healthy living which in turn will contribute to building healthy cities.”

The Tsinghua–Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities in China aimed to characterize, understand, and address urban health challenges in the unique context of China’s rapid and dynamic urbanization. The report examined environmental and social determinants of urban health, identified key stakeholders, and assessed actions for the prevention, management, and control of adverse health outcomes associated with the country’s urban experience. The report pointed out the importance of aligning key efforts in Chinese cities with the country’s ongoing ambitious national campaign – Healthy China 2030. Along with key recommendations, authors included a call to action to integrate health into all policies and promote cross-industry collaborations throughout the design, construction and management of healthy cities.

Peng Gong, Dean of Tsinghua’s School of Sciences and the Head of the Center for Healthy Cities at the University’s Institute for China Sustainable Urbanization, is the primary author of the report. Delos became a co-founder of Tsinghua’s Center for Healthy Cities in 2017.

“Delos is pleased to see our global efforts in promoting healthy buildings, healthy communities and healthy cities accelerated through meaningful and powerful research,” said Peter Scialla, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Delos. “This report is a big step forward in transforming the built environment to improve health and wellness at a national scale.”