The project was founded on the team’s experiences caring for family and friends as they moved through the medical system. These experiences and research that accompanied dictated the design and implementation of each piece to create a space that would adapt to life, for life. The aim of the building was to offer serenity, peace, respect and dignity – to integrate hospitality into healthcare. CM is located adjacent to a heritage neighborhood that struggles with its identity as the region’s largest and most comprehensive health campus expands. Over the past thirty years, this neighborhood has been untouched by redevelopment, protected by the cache that comes with the Heritage Conservation Area title. To be a sustainable and successful piece of the community, the building was conceived to be able to adapt to the community’s needs. As the first large-scale project in the Hospital District, it was essential that CM was able to provide a diverse mix of uses, and this logically lead to developing the Medical Services Centre and Residences at Collett Manor.