Alpin Limited’s HQ is located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, an urban development area which is focused on green buildings and energy. As are we are a boutique consultancy with some of the most experienced thought leaders for Cx, Consultancy, and BIM in the region, the project team placed a high premium on Fitness, Mind and Nourishment. This will be our home for the foreseeable future, so we believe in investing in us. The project fit-out incorporates valuable office tools to promote the health and comfort of the occupants. A direct view to greenery planted in the outside courtyard through a well shaded and insulated glazed façade allow the occupants a glare-free and comfortable atmosphere. Furthermore, the glazed façade provide sufficient daylight which results in very minimal need for internal lighting during normal working hours. At the street-level, an easily accessible, vegetated, and shaded outdoor space helps enrich the entire block, creating a refreshing impression. Spacious and easily accessible vehicle parking is located at the perimeter of the block with a staircase, with access to a lift. To further promote the comfort of building occupants, especially during very hot summers, the Alpin office has an energy efficient, high-filtration ventilation system that provides a comfortable temperature and indoor air quality. Moreover, the incorporation of dust-free writing walls allows for improving air quality, as well as providing clear and easy-to-read comments and notices for the occupants. In addition, the selection of furniture took in consideration the materials needed to avoid harmful emissions and provide comfortable seating positions. Green design of the project and its context provide comfortable working conditions for the employees of this building construction consultancy firm. All Alpin staff are provided with ergonomic workstations and with EnergyStar rated office electrical equipment, allowing for high comfort and efficiency at work.