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The Bund One is located in Riverside New City, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province. It is the first project of COSCO Real Estate in Changsha with a total construction area of about 130,000 square meters. It consists of two super high-rise residential buildings, one high- A super high-rise apartment-style office buildings and commercial buildings podium composition.
As the first debut of Sino-Ocean Land in Changsha, COSCO Ocean will bring the “high-end property lineage” to Changsha. On the one hand, all-glass curtain wall to create, take the river bank first row vision, shouldering the global high-end luxury level. On the other hand, WELL Health System will also be used in the Bund One Project. WELL certification is the world’s most advanced standard of living. It has been researched and developed by Delos, American Green Habitat Committee and Columbia University School of Medicine for seven years. It includes 102 features covering seven major categories of air, water, nutrition, light, fitness, comfort and spirit, Medicine and architecture. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton also expressed his congratulation on Delos’s cooperation with COSCO to bring WELL system to China.