Grosvenor Shanghai office relocation project is aim to set up a high-quality office environment to demonstrate a landmark and long-term commitment in China market with their co-investment partnerships. The project aims to provide a high-efficiency workspace for the team to effectively execute development function accordingly to corporate core values: Culture of One Asia. Expertise and discipline & Cross function communication is highly essential to enhance efficiency to long term success. Meanwhile increasing the comfortable of the working space is also pursued. In doing so, it strives to create an office in which the staffs will want to live, work and enjoy their time in the workplace to endure ‘living cities’ philosophy in action. The project is designed to address issues that impact the health, comfort or knowledge of occupants. Many features intended to improve health are supported by existing government standards or other standard-setting organizations. Some features are intended to change behavior through education and corporate culture, providing, for example, information and support for making positive lifestyle choices.