HB Reavis Poland_office Warsaw_1

The team at HB Reavis Poland – one of the most active players on the Warsaw real estate market – enjoys a brand new activity based office that provides more space for collaboration and improve the well-being of employees and their guests. Located in the heart of Warsaw’s largest business district, the office includes numerous state-of-the-art lighting, acoustic and HVAC solutions, as well as adequate space planning and furnishing solutions improving effective work, collaboration, visual privacy and phone privacy.
Consequently, the new office of HB Reavis Poland has become a point of difference and competitive advantage as well as a factor contributing to employee engagement. According to the recent pools, 87% percent of HB Reavis Poland’s employees are satisfied with their work environment. A major improvement was observed in the perception of aesthetics and ergonomics of the space. People are more excited to come to work after the relocation and they feel they have more options to choose from depending on the type of task they are performing. Over 97% of respondents believe that the design is aligned with company culture and that it differentiates the brand from its competitors.