Humaniti - montage

Humaniti is Montreal’s first “smart vertical community,” where rich and multi-sensory human experiences abound — everywhere, at all times, and at all altitudes. Humaniti’s residential component of over 300 rental units is registered to the WELL Multifamily Residential Certification – Pilot Program.
An architectural concept that’s bold and distinctive – the whole project is actually h-shaped – Humaniti is designed to promote the well-being of those who live in it, the dialogue between them, and the space they inhabit. A lifestyle inspired by the diversity of human interests, unique in Montreal. A visual extension of the magnificent Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Humaniti will become a Montreal icon, a true urban sculpture inspired by a philosophy. Humaniti is located in the heart of the lively Quartier International, near Old Montreal, with its European lifestyle and the vibrant cultural scene of Quartier des Spectacles. The three buildings are distinct interconnected entities, housing a stylish world-class hotel, condominiums, rental apartments, and corporate and commercial spaces.
Humaniti is a unique, organic place to live, work, train, entertain and socialize. A wellness environment where exploring human experience is the essence of luxury. A refined lifestyle available to a mobile, sophisticated, diversified community that enjoys and replenishes itself on a daily basis. Few real-estate projects have dared to boldly target such a keen and demanding clientele. The ultimate in design and smart living is no longer a luxury: it’s the new imperative, signed Humaniti.
We visited cities known for their innovative outlook on urban development, housing and sustainable development. We observed, listened, and experienced. We pondered, questioned, and identified the essential nature of the vertical cities of tomorrow. And we grew to believe that today’s urban citizens seek something different from what’s generally being offered elsewhere: uninspired, cookie-cutter flashy units interchangeable with one another. We believe that today’s true luxury lies in human experience and the sharing of societal values within a space of collective diversity. We believe that 21st century housing must be green, vertical, smart… and human.