MAG Residential

The MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort represents a new generation of resorts that will showcase the best of integrated waterfront living with residential, recreational, healthcare, business, hospitality, and retail components, all in one dynamic wellness-focused heart. As the region’s first full wellness-focused development, MAG Creek offers individuals the opportunity to live the life they desire and deserve as they come home to a new state-of-the-art curated environment, dedicated to wellness and determined to reinvent the spaces that shape the way they move, breathe, rest, work, play and interact with the world around them. MAG Creek will be the epitome of wellness luxury, fusing health and science with architecture and aesthetics to completely reinvent the way life is lived. The design concept embraces the wellness-focused cornerstones of air, water, light, nutrition, fitness and comfort, while also enhancing the interaction between people and their surroundings including the built environment. Living there is a lifetime experience that transports residents into a tropical world with lush greenery and no traffic. Located within easy reach of the city, yet far removed from its chaos, this luxury waterfront resort gives residents the key to a host of holiday-style living experiences, from elegant pursuits to exhilarating activities to culinary and entertainment attractions.