Sandy Spring Friends School

As a prestigious private school in Maryland, Sandy Spring Friends School has been a leader of innovation and forward thinking since its founding in 1961. Sandy Spring Friends School’s curriculum is uniquely rooted in the Quaker principles and values; simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship.

Understanding the value of wellness in the built environment goes beyond the structure of the building. Integrated wellness requires a holistic approach that encompasses human interaction with others, the environment and governing policies. The WELL Building Standard enables learning environments to embody integrated wellness through the space and life of the building, and allows individuals to be determinants of community health and well-being.

Sandy Spring Friends School’s is excited to announce its pursuit of WELL Certification and its interest in infusing wellness throughout the campus through design and operations-based strategies. Creating a space that promotes health and well-being is of invaluable benefit to the community and an opportunity to strengthen the school culture around wellness.

WELL Certification will give Sandy Spring Friends School the potential to not only improve the well-being of those who attend, work at and visit Sandy Spring Friends Upper School, but also stand at the forefront of innovation in development and give international visibility to Sandy Spring Friends School’s commitment to wellness in the education world.