The project includes 23-storey and 23,000 square meters office space, a total of 1222 square meters sky gardens with urban farming facilities, attractive exterior landscaping public space, and good access to social amenities, where people can embrace the nature and enjoy the city life at same time. At Central Times, the occupants will benefit from healthy and comfortable working environment, and experience well-being living styles, with filtered clean air, increased ventilation, purified drinkable water, abundant yet glare free natural light, good view to the outside, 24-hour individually controllable air-conditioning system, noise attenuations, a panoramic lift, 15 cm raised floor in office space. In order to promote physical activities, active staircase design is taken to encourage more use of stairs and less use of lifts, and for outdoor activities, various pedestrian amenities and good neighborhood connectivity are provided for people to walk, play, rest, shop and cycle.