MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Delos have partnered to set the standard in healthy hospitality with the first-ever Stay Well program. Unveiled in 2012 at MGM Grand, Stay Well integrates evidence-based health and wellness design features, amenities and programming into a hotel experience that helps travelers maintain their health and well-being while on the road. After an overwhelmingly positive guest response and growing demand since launching in October 2012, Stay Well at MGM Grand quadrupled its initial room count from 42 to 171 rooms and suites in January 2014 to encompass the entire fourteenth floor of the hotel’s main tower. In December 2016, MGM Grand expanded its Stay Well Rooms to the 15th floor adding another 169 rooms to their portfolio. In December 2017, MGM Grand further expanded their Stay Well offering to the 16th floor, bringing the total number of Stay Well Rooms to 507.

In addition, MGM Grand offers the first-ever Stay Well Meetings program, which provides healthy environments for high-performance meetings designed to enhance the well-being of attendees. Stay Well Meetings incorporate evidence-based wellness-enhancing features and programming specifically designed to increase productivity, mental acuity and alertness, while reducing stress and fatigue among attendees at corporate meetings.

The in-room Stay Well experience at MGM Grand includes the following evidence-based health and wellness features:

  • Air purification designed to reduce allergens, toxins and microbes from the air
  • Water purification system to reduce impurities, providing cleaner and purer water
  • Energizing light which emits bright white light to suppress melatonin which can help regulate circadian rhythm and reduce jet lag
  • Dawn simulation to gently awaken with gradually increasing levels of light and sound
  • Warm white room lighting that improves ambience and is less disruptive to sleep than regular lights
  • Long wave night lighting which subtly illuminates room for safe navigation while minimizing sleep disruption
  • Blackout shade elements to reduce light trespass to improve sleep quality and help maintain circadian rhythm
  • Cedar elements to protect and preserve clothing, repelling different types of pests in conjunction with cleaning protocol
  • Stay Well Mattress made of natural memory foam derived from plant extracts that provides support and optimal comfort
  • Healthy linens that are proven to protect against odors at their source, keeping linens fresh
  • Aromatherapy that uses scent to create a relaxing, mood-enhancing environment
  • Cleaning protocol using hypoallergenic products and state of the art UV wand cleaning tool, which neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  • Healthy menu options approved by leading nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness and designated by their Go! Healthy seal
  • Interactive Stay Well mobile app highlighting in-room features, Jet Lag Tool and Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs
  • In-room program guide highlighting features, programs and benefits of the room
  • Access to Cleveland Clinic Wellness’s online programs
  • Welcome message from world-renowned wellness guru Deepak Chopra
  • Designated signage indicating presence of Stay Well features and programs