SYMANTEC B+C Renovation

Symantec recently became one of the first technology companies in Silicon Valley to obtain the WELL certification at our Mountain View, California headquarters. While green building standards such as LEED focus on reducing the impacts of the materials and resources used to create and occupy buildings, the WELL certification addresses the effect of a building’s environment on the health and well-being of its occupants. In Mountain View, the office today looks nothing like it did in 2001, when the building was opened. Approximately 60 percent of the campus has been renovated and the new buildings – named INSPIRE – are infused to tell a story. Each floor has its own distinct personality and walls display company values. Cues of security are sprinkled through the space, whether it is a Sherlock Holmes pillow or images of keys in the artwork. Lighting shifts color to complement one’s natural physiological rhythm— more blue in the morning, more yellow in the evening. From the jump­rope wall, hula­hoop wall, to an indoor track for walking meetings, all promote health and wellness. A walking path is designed to connect buildings and within the campus, approximately 12,000 square feet of space has been dedicated to a state­of­the­art gymnasium called SymFit Center.