In April 2016, TD Bank opened the new Bethesda Maryland Retail Branch, which is one of the first retail bank locations in the United States targeting WELL Certification – Retail Pilot Program, focused on human health and well-being. In Bethesda, TD Bank is pursuing both WELL and LEED certification. These complementary programs further the sustainable building movement and demonstrate a commitment to doing what is best for the planet and the community. By implementing the WELL retail standard, TD Bank is making health and wellness a priority in their green building design and operation.

The new store at 7628 Old Georgetown Road incorporates more than 65 WELL and LEED features. TD Bank has incorporated enhanced filtration and cleaning protocols to improve indoor air quality that will make it easier for customers and employees to concentrate. The building was designed to improve access to daylight and a lighting system was designed that will support the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The new Bethesda branch also has a green roof and a living wall of flowering Virginia Creeper ivy, which provides biophilic views and helps to mitigate storm water management.