Delos Labs

Delos Labs is the research and development arm of Delos. Through its research, Delos Labs helps guide intellectual property development and partners with renowned scientists and institutions to keep the company abreast of developments in the field of wellness. In addition to originally developing the WELL Building Standard and the Signature wellness programs, Delos Labs has led development and operations of the Well Living Lab, a Delos-Mayo Clinic collaboration in Rochester, Minnesota. The Lab is the first scientific research center that uses exclusively human-centered research to understand the interaction between health and well-being and indoor environments.

Christian Ramos

Senior Director, Health Sciences, Well Living Lab

Jie Zhao, PhD, WELL AP

Senior Vice President, Head of Delos Labs

Regina Vaicekonyte

Senior Director, Health Sciences

Carolina Campanella, PhD

Senior Director, Behavioral Sciences, Well Living Lab

Chuan He, PhD

Senior Director, Building Sciences

Shengliang (Daniel) Rong, LEED GA

Senior Associate, Building Sciences

Rongpeng Zhang, PHD

Senior Director, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab

Chenyang Lu, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Building Sciences

Aurelie (Lili) N’Songo, PhD

Director, Science Communications

Syed Shabih Hasan, PhD

Director, Computer Sciences, Well Living Lab

Yiwen Di, LEED AP BD+C

Associate, Building Sciences

Shaun Ly

Research Analyst, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab

Barbara Spurrier, MHA, CMPE

Managing Director, Well Living Lab

Paige Porter

Research Analyst, Behavioral Sciences, Well Living Lab

Sara Aristizabal, PhD

Director Biomedical Engineer, Well Living Lab

Chi Lam

Vice President, Director of Technology, Well Living Lab

Linhao Li, LEED AP

Research Analyst, Building Sciences, Well Living Lab