The Delos Technology Team focuses on three essential functions.

Firstly, we leverage our leading position at the intersection of quantified self and quantified spaces to establish Delos as a trusted provider of products to help humans be more well. We work closely with our labs’ teams to study and understand how people are affected by the boxes into which they immerse themselves. We are measuring an increasing number of human-related data points and correlating them with the plethora of data points we are gathering from the world around us in the spaces where we work, live, play and sleep. The result enables Delos to realize unprecedented insights into humanity in the built environment.

The second essential function of the Delos Technology team is to design, architect, build and evolve the ever-changing network required to achieve the first function.  This starts with a mindset that focuses on the future and mankind’s position in it.  The rapidly changing world around us, requires a dynamic and secure solution to reliably and responsibly steward the data we measure.  While there are many pieces to this, it all starts with our secure, flexible and scalable platform we call DARWIN.  This platform is the core of our Wellness Intelligence Network and translates the multitude of languages of the ecosystems that serve humans into one common lingua franca.

Lastly, the technology team is always thinking about how to offer value to humans.  The purpose of all technology we build is to ultimately help humans be more well. In that effort, we are clear and focused. Just as important, is our guidance to never take lightly the importance of shared data. Our team builds solutions that are focused on showing people the value they are contributing when they choose to share the data around them.  With our framework and processes, we feed data directly into our labs for study and correlation to help further the understanding of how to help humans be more well. Moreover, we share those insights and algorithms with the very people who make the insight possible when they share their own data.

Bassel Hashem

Darwin Product Manager

Shaun B. Stewart

Vice President, Technology Strategy

Jim Hunter

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Bira

Director of Ecosystems